Sunday, September 29, 2013

Romeo x Juliet Volume 1 Review

(This blogtext contains spoilers of the manga Romeo x Juliet)

Hi there! So in this post I will be talking about this manga: Romeo x Juliet or in Finnish: Romeo x Julia. Its made by COM and Hitomi Amamiya helped by being part of writing the script. Damn I wanted to tell you about the plot and stuff but I couldn't get words out of my mouth. >< But you can always check it out from Internet. ^^ 

So lets first judge the book by its cover!:D The cover is really basic, nothing much special on it, but in my opinion there is too much text telling about the original is made my William Shakespeare and who made the animation etc. The layout on back cover is pretty bad and now I discovered that there is written "1, uno" on the back. :D Fun little detail.

In the beginning there is colored pages which are always a plus, and I like how the titles are just simply "Act 1, Act 2" etc. The start was too short, everything (murder and Juliet's escape) happened so quickly, in just few pages and then we are suddenly in 14 years later scene. After that we get to meet this story's superhero: Red Whirlwind. Who is suffering of identity crisis, because everyone thinks that she is a boy but she is a girl. :D And everyone calls her Odin but she's really Juliet.
Love that scene where Romeo saved Juliet and it was so bromance. :D And then we get to see many new characters, and it was bad because when I read 30 pages I had to go back to the beginning to figure out who those characters were. Then we get to see Montague who is the bad guy, he looks so evil. :D And by the way, he has the same voice actor that Hougen has in the Ginga Densetsu Weed anime. :D 

And when the story is like this, ofc there is arranged marriage, Romeo is been hooked up with Hermione but he isn't interested in her (hes interested in Odin hohoho). And they really have great wigs there, because Juliet has that long hair but when shes a boy she has short hair like Romeo has, where do you hide that long hair without making it look weird? :D It was fun scene when Juliet was putting on the dress and in my opinion Juliet looks better as a boy. :D

When Shakespeare appeared, I couldn't tell if it was part of the story or was it a separate scene from the story. ._. I really liked the scene where Juliet were told that she is the last living Capulet, I liked that dramatic and shocked face. I loved that part where Romeo started undress Juliet and he was like "omg girl!" xD Cant wait that part in anime. :D It was so sad when the doctor got killed. :'( 

Tybalt made cool entrance, it would be cool to cosplay him. :D I would have liked to slap Juliet in the face, like for God's sakes, your blaming Romeo for something his father did? Wake up to this world woman! I really liked the ending, but Juliet attacked too hastily, she seemed so noob against Montague, and another dude got killed because of her. The volume left nicely an new question to be answered in the ending, who is that girl in the carriage? 

As a whole, I really liked this manga, drawing style isn't the best but its alright. I think 2 volumes is too low amount of books to this story, few more volumes could be good but at least I don't have to spend that much money. :D I would give this manga an 8. And have you read this manga before? If you have, please tell your opinion about it! ^^ 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

B.A.P - Warrior - Japan 1st Single Review

Damn, what is this little pause in our blog?:D I'm sorry that we haven't been updating anything. :( Maybe I can replace this pause with some updates? ;3 But yeah, I have couple song reviews in my mind, and this is one of them and then there is update about Tracon 8, when I find time to write about it, I will! But lets get to this review. My friend asked me to review this song so I thought why not, at least we would get something new in the blog, an Japanese song.So lets get this baby started! And if you have suggestions on what you want us to write about, leave a comment below! ^-^

Uuu its B.A.P's first Japanese song. But why they picked Warrior? Why they chose an old song for instead making a complete new one? But lets not let that bother us! ^^ The song starts with awesome music and we get to see familiar scenes.:D Its funny to watch the same song but they all look different now and god damn sexy. ._. I really like that voice in the beginning, that screaming type one, I don't know their names, I only know Jongguk and Zelo. :'D 

The details in the video looks so amazing (like that something new:D) and I love their clothing and I can't believe how sexy they are. x'D Sorry for this spazzing... For God's sakes would you please spare Zelo from those curls and fluffy hair. x'D Good that there's included that whistle-sound in the song (why there wouldn't be if it was in the Korean version too?:D) 

I love that dance part in the water-scene, looks so nice... ;) Awesome and cool and sexy and so on. There isn't much special to talk about, except the scenes and details just keeps on looking awesome and the members looks sexy and I love their hair, God damn Koreans having perfect hair! :'D I want to know who is that who breaks the car's window first, could anyone help me out? c:

That dance scene with water looks so intensive and Jongguk with that hammer daaaammmmnnnn.. 8D At the end of this song I was screaming like "Cool! Omg! I'm crying." :D

Okey I couldn't make it any longer than that but I really liked the song and I have been missing this old B.A.P This song would get from me... Hmm... I don't see why I wouldn't give it a 10 but maybe its because I'm not as exited about this than to those songs that I have given a 10 so I will give to it 9+ :) But what did you like about the song or didn't like? Leave a comment below! ^^ Seriously, we want comments. :'c

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Top 30 K-pop Songs January - June 2013

Hi people! ^-^ So basically this is the same list that I made a while ago but I wasn't happy about how the list came out because the ranking wasn't how it should have been, but you get point, that was pretty hardly expressed. :D 

But the list changed a lot! First of all, there is no SHINee on the list because I had to add 7 songs to the list and that meant that I had to remove 2 songs from my original list but that wasn't hard decision to make because I knew from the start which 2 songs I would remove. :D 

Lee Hyori dropped from the places 21 & 18 to places 30 & 29, I'm sorry Hyori. :'3 24/7 and First Love didn't really move but I like First Love more now. One Shot dropped few places behind, I guess its because I haven't heard it properly. Well MaMa Beat dropped A LOT. Why in the hell did I put it so up in the earlier video? :D And Miss Korea also dropped a lot, from 7th place to 24 and This Love also dropped with Miss Korea.  

Get Up and Just Go also didn't move a lot, maybe a little backward. Ring Ma Bell, Smoky Girl and Come Back To Me are new songs on the list. And Henry's Trap dropped also a lot from 5th place to 17. Coffee Shop moved a little bit forward. C: Wild also didn't move a lot. But Is It Poppin moved a lot from place 22 to 14! I don't know why I didn't like this song at first sight but now I love it! A.D.T.O.Y dropped from 4th place to 13, sorry guys! </3 

Rain Sound moved a little bit backward and I Got A Boy remained pretty much on where it was. Secret's YooHoo is a also new song on the list, went straight to 10th place! Love it! <3 Sistar's Give It To Me dropped from 1st place to 9th place, just wow... Whats Your Name is standing still on its own place. And Gone Not Around Any Longer is also new and awesome song deserves 7th place with I Yah on place 6.

You Got Some Nerve dropped 2 places with The Baddest Female, still love my awesome rap songs. <3 And then the awesome TOP 3! Global Icon's Beatles made it to place 3, last time it was on place 16, I realized now how awesome song it is and how much I like it. :3 And then place 2... Oh my God I love that song, its just so beautiful and awesome and makes me cry and perfect, new song also. And on 1st place we got Jeon Won Diary, now I realized how much I like that song and I love the lyrics and songs and T-ara, last time it was on place 11.

That's it folks! Let me know what did you though about the list and what were your favorites! (: And for the end, since I just turned 16 tonight 9.9. I want to share my beloved friends picture, Chou Chou's, which he made for my birthday! ^-^ And a big thank to all who congratulated me! ♥ ♥ 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Teen Top - Rocking Review

(This blogtext contains a lot of fanboying!)

Hi guys! ^-^ Its time for another song review. This time for my new love: Teen Top, oh I cant praise C.A.P enough! *Q* Sorry, this post will be drooling all over the place... But yeah lets get this baby started! ^v^

MV starts with some fan service, very nice. ;3 When I first started listening this song, I wasn't sure what to wait for it because I was so doubtful at the beginning, yeah I don't know either what I mean. :'D But when the song  starts its a good start for the song, makes me wanna move and start partying. And then the song just hits that club beat and all I wanna do is party!!! And then C.A.P hits the screen and he looks so cute waving hes hand and that cute smile and eyes just omfg let me die! <3 

And the songs instrumental sounds so cool and the dance looks cool also and I wanna learn it! :D And Goddamn look at C.A.P's clothes!!! Those Goddamn shorts omfg so fuckin sexy ääää I'm gonna die. x'D And those perfect leeggss!! Sorry for fanboying... 

When Niel starts to sing it sounds so beautiful and beautiful and fits perfectly. And is he wearing minion cap or am I just seeing it myself? Oh and that cap background looks so awesome! The background looks awesome through the whole MV and every little detail looks just too good. <3 The chorus is just so catchy and good and C.A.P looks so fuckin good in those white clothes and that smile is just... perfect! <3 And the hair looks awesome! Forgot to mention... Oh God C.A.P looks so good when hes clapping hes hands... Damn dem details, I just notice every little thing that C.A.P does. :'D

And everyone in the MV looks so good and everyone's clothes looks cool too and I love how C.A.P just smiles during the dance. <3 And that DJ part is so catchy and fun and I have to admire that legwork! Well of course because its sang by C.A.P... They have to make an drama version of that MV, they cant waste that beach fighting scene. :D Oh Niel's voice is so beautiful and that cap background just keeps looking awesome.

Oh C.A.P in that freaking next scene!!! Hes voice is so freaking sexy! And that Goddamn deep voice just... Oh my God... EARGASM! 8D Just let me diee.... Ok not. Aaawww it looks so cute when Ricky is waving to the camera and then C.A.P looks like his waving back to him and he looks so cute and sexy at the same time and that baseball bat omg!!! And without mentioning those tattoos and Armani... yeah ohmygod I'm sinner... I don't really get that flashlight scene but so what. :D Oh and C.A.P just keeps on looking good, like when he doesn't look good? :D The song just keeps on being so good and with good vibe through the whole song and that dance is so funny and C.A.P's smile is just <3. Okey I love the song if you couldn't see it but what did you think about it? Leave a comment below! ^-^

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gon Volume 7 Review And Final Look

(This blogtext contains spoilers of the manga Gon)

Hi guys! ^-^ Finally I get to make another manga review, so that this wouldn't be only kpop blog and so that I get to read more manga, because I don't want to read more before I have made a review so that I remember well what happened in this volume, okey this was a bit unclear but hopefully you got the point. :'D So, first I will make a review on Gon's volume 7 and since its the last volume I will give you a final look on the series. So lets get this baby started!

So first we see the cover, this time its actually very boring, Gon just sits there with some sort of cone in his mouth. :'D 

Story starts when an egg docks on the beach and right next to the place where Gon is sleeping, and the egg hatches and the baby bird thinks that Gon is its mother. Well luckily Gon starts to take care of the bird. After a while they find another bird taking care of its baby's and they colonize right next to them. Then Gon starts to shake the little baby bird, apparently he is trying to preen it... Failed in that. :D I don't get why Gon always ends up "hurting" everyone else, hes a meanie! 

Then Gon continues being a meanie, when he goes to fish and he gets lot of fish, he only gave one fish to the baby bird and ate rest of them himself, and the he sat on the bird... Gon is very dumb dinosaur. :'D And then there is the sad part when one baby bird in the other nest gets killed... Its always very sad when you see these things in this manga. :( After that Gon's baby bird has grown a bit, and Gon still keeps being an meanie, when he doesn't want to walk he jsut pops in the bird back and the bird gives him a ride, like why do you let him do that for you? :D

Then they went fishing together, and when the bird was afraid to going into the water, Gon just pushed him in there. Its kinda good because he had nothing to be afraid of but at the same time it was really mean, I know I wouldn't like if someone would force me to do something which I don't like or I'm afraid to do it. And then, when the bird is making good progress Gon just pops up in his back and tries to kill the bird, not for real but it certainly looked like it. Well its good to see funny moments after this... abuse... :D When they were sitting in the nest and the bird was sitting on Gon, it looked so funny and when the bird was scared because of the bee and Gon looked at the bird like "Are you f*cking kidding me?". :D

Then there were more sad parts, like two of the remaining three birds died, why in this manga have to be so much death and sadness then suddenly it turns into funny moments? Its good that the Gons baby bird stood up and fought with the lizard. And Gon just remains an ass till the end by pushing him off the cliff when they were learning to fly, and what was that zoom into Gon's head or was he just approaching the edge and then the not-so-baby-bird-anymore learned to fly and flew over Gon... It was so sad when the bird flew away and I thought that this was a goodbye but the bird came back and the story continued with him(? I guess).

(Oh god this is so long already x'D) The story continues when Gon and seagull (I guess) are flying in the air and they fall down through woods and seagull goes through hell but Gon just happily goes straight to the fruit. But hes not the only one who wants it, baby orangutans wants it too and they are having a little fight between them and then orangutan mom steps in and I have to wonder why the mom didn't kick Gon's ass, instead of that he gave Gon a fruit too, well Gon looked very cute when he was happy. :3

Gon just rejected seagull and started hanging out with the orangutans, I felt really sorry for seagull but at least he got some fruits too and orangutan looked pretty ugly btw.

That part where the orangutan mom bawled to the monkey's... The roar looked really lame but still all the animals in the area were shocked. :D The papa orangutans entrance was kinda like Jesus would have been there, very strange. It was kinda like dad coming home after a long business trip or something and then every animal in the area started to sleep on the orangutan mom and dad. ._.

Then Gon started training with the orangutan dad and this time the orangutan was the bully, I still felt sorry for Gon because the orangutan was so meanie. :'D And I don't get what the hell was the meaning of the running through forest and smash everything that comes in the way. And then the orangutan was sitting on the mountain like a big master or sensei and telling Gon what to do, and when Gon had a nap he threw a freaking rock on him and all the other animals around got hit my that rock too, fuckin animals don't know how to behave them self's! The training was just so dumb. :'D

The last story is about animals trying to get honey. I'll try to make this quick! I don't get why would deer try to get honey... I felt so sorry for all the animals who were trying to get the honey because they all went down one by one and Gon used them to get the honey! >:( I thought that Gon had finally met someone who he cant defeat but no, after falling down for the bee bites he rose up and destroyed the bee nest and everyone got food and everyone were happy except the bees who lost their home...

So that's the the volume review, this volume was pretty boring nothing special about it, but now I can start the series reviewing. ^^

I shall start of the drawing style, its really good and it looks realistic but I have to say that Masashi Tanaka didn't use much imagination while drawing faces and facial expressions because they all looked exactly the same, if they were happy they all had same faces, if they were angry or sad, they all had same facial expression. 

The plot was also very boring, Gon just went one place to another and went wild with different animals but the plot repeated itself, many times actually. Like those baby animals getting killed and raising baby animals. And I cant believe how this manga ended, it just ended like pum! Nothing special happened, it just ended in the honey eating scene and then there were written that this is the final volume of Gon. I would have thought that it would have ended like Gon is finding a new home and now hes living with the seagull or that he would have gone back to his own time somehow.

And then finally Gon as a character, I didn't like him very much because he is pretty selfish and he uses other animals to get what he wants or just doesn't care about their feelings, of course hes a nice dinosaur too but my first impression was that he is a bully.

If you really like animals and you don't mind that there is no speaking in it or you just wanna "read" it then go ahead and buy it, but in my opinion I wouldn't recommend this.

Okey that's it! What did you like, pretty long, huh? :D Have you read Gon before and what did you like or what is your opinion on this series? Leave a comment below! :) 

Friday, August 23, 2013

My TOP 10 Anime - Male characters ~

My TOP 10 Anime - Male characters ~

Hiya there! Its been awhile since i posted anything, i have been alittle bit lazy.. Sorry, sorry! But, i decited to make this list for you readers, so enjoy! (:

Nr 10. Midorima Shintaro ( Kuroko no Basket ) 

What i like in Midorima, is that he´s... so full of himself. No way he is ever going to think that he would lose, or something like that. I like hi's overly confidence, mixed with his superstitousness ( dont know is that right ) but Midorima believes in luck, and always carries around the "Days lucky item" He's cool and thats why i like him!

Nr 9. Sawada Tsunayoshi ( Hitman Reborn )

A whining brat in real life, but when gets on the battlefield, he goes BOOM and the badass arrives. I decited to put Tsuna on 9th place because i like him, and i dont like him. He is always so scared and shy, and gets really stepped on. Tsuna could easily wipe the floor with them, but he doesnt. But props for our Vongola Boss ~

Nr 8.  Edward Elric ( Fullmetal Alchemist )

A guy filled with humor, badassment, laugh & feelings. And he's short. I like how Ed has alot of feelings actually.. He can laugh and turn sad in a second, same goes the other way. Lets say that Ed is sad, and someone whispers "Wow, that guy is really short" The hell is loose. ( Ed is very irritated because he's short ) 

Nr 7.  Haruka Nanase ( Free! )

One word. Hot. Okayokayokayokay, i dig Haru- chan ( I "Dig" ohgodimsolame -.-) because well, he is a relaxed person, who also does sports! That didnt make any sense.. but i hope you got what i meant! Really nothing else to say about him... Haha, lets move on!

Nr 6. Greed ( Fullmetal Alchemist ) 

If i could describe this character in one sentence, it would be " I own the world " . I really enjoyed all the parts with this dude, i like his "style". What i also like is that he isnt like the other homonoculi, he actually.. Well, has feelings. Like more than greediness.

Nr 5. Tetsuya Kuroko ( Kuroko no Basket ) 

I dont know what it is with these "silent cool characters", but i always took a liking on them. I really dont like noisy, yelling people in Anime, thats why i like Kuroko. I was thinking of Kagami on this place, cause he kind of reminds me of myself, but i decidet to with Kuroko.

Nr 4. Ulquiorra Cifer ( Bleach )

When i thought of this list, Ulquiorra was the first to come in my mind. He quite didnt reach the top, but its still an awesome character. What i like about him, is that he actually didnt obey his boss like the other did. He definitely wasnt a pushover, and i really liked his screentime.

Nr 3. Lance Corporal Levi ( Attack On Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin )

Actually, i firstly put Levi on the first place but i changed his place. Levi always gets me that "omgomgomgomg its Levi omg LOOOK MY MAN IS ON THE SCREEN" Yeah like that.. He is just so... Awesome, just.. omg

Nr 2. Sasuke Uchiha. ( Naruto / Naruto Shippuden ) 

My first ever real manga was Naruto, and i liked Sasuke from start of it until now. He´s a badass, with feelings. Actually, in Shippuden he has changed alot. I mean, not in a bad way, but in a good way. Who doesnt like a badass, hottie with awesome powers? Actually many hate our Sasuke, but i like him!

Nr 1. Hibari Kyoya ( Hitman Reborn )

This was easy to decide. I like cool, silent characters with mystery, but of all of them, Kyoya stood up the most. As a kid, he's like the badass kid in the neigborhood, and as an adult.. just, stunning. I like his clothes, his coolness how he just... Kicks ass. I really cant say anything more about this guy, even though hes number 1 on my list.

Thanks for reading :) I hope you enjoyed my blogpost ^^ comment below your top 10 favorite characters, maybe? Bye & See you ^^

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Seungri - Gotta Talk To U Review

Hi everyone ~! Yes U know why am I here tonight. ;D Its all about Seungri! So lets get this baby started!

I saw this MV right after I woke up and before I went to school, after listening to it I was happy for whole day. :3

The MV starts and immediately we get to hear Seungri's beautiful voice and get to see his ugly shoes... :D Well in the MV they are not that ugly but they cost a lot but hey, he has money so why the hell not? I really like how the song remains uniformed and it has an club-vibe but above all its an bedroom song! I mean just listen that hustlin hustlin part, full of sexynesssss... ._. L-O-V-E <3 
This song is sex without sex.

I don't know if that part gave me goose bumps or chills or turned me up, maybe all of them but damn, I wanna see if someone can beat that sexiness. :'D I don't know, it gives me feelings that I cant even explain.

I really like the futuristic theme and all the numbers flying around. Omg I forgot to mention those hip movements! Just look at him dancing when there's playing hustlin hustlin just looook! Omfg *dies* And Seungri in a suit doing that dance... Sexiness level 100... It works very well when they change the concept into more manly concept, for example 2PM. The second part doing the hustlin is even better... *returns from the death*. Whii Seungri looks so goof in a suit. ^v^

I can so imagine an intensive bedroom scene when in the backround there's playing hustlin hustlin, sorry for the image! x'D 

This MV is very detailed, that's good and then the song "ends" but still continues a bit. Yeah Seungri I know what you mean doing that hand movement... Oh Jesus I'll die again. :'D The end is a bit unnecessary but the MV tells a story and for that story we need the end, and it keeps up the club-vibe.


The beginning is the part when you meet up with someone and then you do a little touching and when you get to the point where is playing hustlin then you fall on the bed and it gets more intensive. Then you loose your clothes one by one and more intensive, and the is the final part when you do the thing, Seungri's hand movement's tells even more, this is the most intensive part. 


Oh my god I'm sorry for that sorry, wasn't sure should I write that or not, but some people demanded. x'D + I gave you a warning so... :D But yeah, this song is awesome and hit me instantly so well done Seungri, even f(x) couldn't do that instantly. Another 10+ when am I going to review a song that I don't like? :D How about EXO? :D And final question is did you or did not like this song? Comment below! (: